Hilda A. Samuel, Healing Contact

I was returning home from work on a wet evening when I suddenly saw a beautiful rainbow right in front of me. I smiled and said to myself "I wonder what beautiful thing the Lord is going to do for me." Little did I realize that in less than an hour my whole world was going to turn upside down.

After arriving home I waited until 6:15pm before calling my husband's mobile to see where he was. I was stunned as a stranger answered and told me that Joe had had a heart attack. Although Joe is 68 years old, he is a golf addict, attends gym twice a week, and is a very active person. The kind Samaritan said he would stay with Joe at the hospital while I called my son Chrishan and his wife Nishani to have them join me at Joe's bedside.

The bad news as given to us by one of the doctors was that Joe had had a massive heart attack due to critically blocked arteries. However this wasn't their major worry, it was the fact that Joe had been without oxygen for several minutes, and was still in a very unstable condition. The staff requested that I inform my family of their grave concerns.

I phoned my daughter Prashanthi who lives with her husband in Florida, before being told that due to a lack of beds Joe would have to be transferred to the Knox private hospital. Being closer to our home, this was just one of God's provisions for us at this time. As I waited for the ambulance to come I made direct contact with my maker and released Joe with all my heart to a peaceful place in heaven rather than his becoming a crippled vegetable. Immediately I heard a still small voice within me clearly say I have only put him to sleep for 3 days for a spiritual experience.

With this assurance and faith I was ready to face another battery of doctors at the Knox who persisted in telling me over the next two days that Joe would never be able to talk or walk again, or even remember my name or come home. "Twenty-five minutes without oxygen would not allow for any recovery at all", so they said.

While our loving family members joined us in round the clock care for Joe, there were nearly 2000 people around the world joining us in spirit as we prayed for a miracle. This vigil continued at Joe's bedside through the ministry of my vicar, the hospital chaplain and many visiting pastors, which was a tremendous encouragement.

Totally contrary to his medical prognosis, but true to God's word, on the 3rd day the brain damaged man opened his eyes. Initially Joe's memory was poor, but after 3 weeks of steady progress a brain scan showed normal . Praise God! Joe promptly received double bypass surgery, and the insertion of a defibrillator. Remarkably he experienced no pain from either operation, and suffered no side effects, none. After another 3 weeks of recovery Joe was sent home.

Four months later, as I write this article in 2006, Joe has had a supernatural healing. He is back at work again lodging income tax returns, driving all over Melbourne, playing golf, doing house chores etc. But I do see things in him which have dramatically changed. I see a new inner man who is much more peaceful, mellow and content with life. God's beautiful healing touch, extraordinary grace and the wonder of his resurrection power was demonstrated in his one-in-a-million miracle of Joe being clinically dead for 25 minutes, and yet being very much alive today, leading a perfectly normal life.

May God's purpose in all this be fulfilled. I am sharing this that others may know that there is a living God, a prayer answering God, an amazing God very much alive, and his Spirit is longing to fellowship with us day and night, for our lifelong blessing

George Bryant, "Heal the Sick"
An item from "Wholeness" May 2006

Every devoted follower of Jesus Christ can pray for the sick and see them healed. You don't have to be a Benny Hinn.

In the first century it wasn't just Jesus who laid hands on the sick and healed them, but his disciples did too. And before He ascended into heaven He commanded us to do the same.

"But," you say, "I don't have any special gift. I don't have healing hands." You don't have to have anything special. If you know how to pray to your Father in heaven then you, just like any other Christian, can pray for someone to be healed.

Experience endorses this. It is a fact that has been proven by many within the healing ministry. I, myself, don't lay claim to any special gift, but I have seen many healings, even miracles, following prayer.

At the time of writing one of my parishioners had just prayed over a woman who had had severe ear-ache and tinnitus for several months. The doctors were unable to do anything about it. After praying the pray-er went home and pondered what would happen because she had not felt any anointing as she was praying. She felt just an ordinary person. Then she realised that it is God who heals, not us. All she had to do was pray. The problem cleared up completely within two days.

God can use any one of us as long as we obey His commands. He chooses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and the weak things of the world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27).

In the early church everyone was encouraged to pray for
the sick, no matter who they were. It was a common habit, a natural thing to do. It was seen as a sign of the kingdom of God. Francis MacNutt says: "What is difficult to believe is that healing can be an ordinary common activity of Christian life." He notes that Christians are called upon to heal in the same way they are called upon to evangelise.

Consider John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship. For ten months he tried praying for the sick, and nothing happened. No-one was healed. So distraught was he that he threw himself on the floor and started weeping before God.

Then one day he received a phone call to go and pray for a woman who had a fever. He tells his own story. 'When I arrived at the house the husband led me into their bedroom. His wife looked terrible. Her face was red and swollen with fever. "Oh, no," I groaned inwardly, "this looks like a hard one." I walked over and laid hands on her, mumbled a faithless prayer, and then I turned around and began explaining to her husband why some people do not get healed, a talk I had perfected during the previous ten months. I was well into my explanation when his eye caught something behind me. Then he started grinning. I turned around to see his wife out of bed, looking like a new person. "What's happened to you?" I asked.
"I' m well," she said. "You healed me. Would you like to stay for some coffee or breakfast?"

So began a tremendous preaching and healing ministry for John Wimber. He obeyed the Lord's command, and God honoured his obedience.

Jesus is alive! The same power that enabled the healing of that woman, using the bumbling prayer of one of His ordinary servants, is still available. When Jesus left this earth and ascended into heaven He sent us the Holy Spirit. And because He is alive today, through His Holy Spirit, we are able to do the things He did and greater. Anything is possible to those who believe.

He told us that wherever two or three of us come together in His name He would be with us (Matthew 18:20). Great! Let us take Him at His Word and activate what He said in the previous verse: "If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven."

It all has to do with the faith of the believer. Do we stand on God's Word and believe what He says? Do we pray, in faith, expecting things to happen?

The instruction given by Pastor James to his dispersed Christian flock could not be any clearer: "Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up." (James 5:14-16).

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