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Posted by Patrick Pathmanadan on Mon 27 March, 2:42 am

Our Great Lord healed me miraculously on on many occasions. I am a heart patient. I am very grateful to our Lord for giving me this life. Thank you Dear Good Lord. Patrick Pathmanadan from Sri Lanka

Posted by Anonymous on Sat 06 June, 10:23 am

Thanks for Timothy, 5 years old, who has been miracoulously blessed with the ability to write his name, join in class activities, and talk to his teachers. Please continue to pray for Timothy to be delivered from behavioural issues.

Posted by Michael Ferri on Thu 31 January, 12:53 am

Thanks to God for Margaret's healing from lymphoma. No lumps were found at her examination of January 24.

Posted by Michael Ferri on Tue 12 June, 1:47 pm

Thanks for the successful repair an reopening of the All Saints' Church in Ndui Ndui, Vanuatu. Thanks for healing of Rev. James Tugu from a bad cough

Posted by Wesley Paul on Sun 03 December, 4:35 pm

GOD IS GOOD I was in good health in 1991 except for a touch of Blood Pressure, and thought that all was well. One evening, while on the computer, I felt unusually tired. When I went to the hospital I was told I had suffering a heart attack. Within three months I suffered three attacks and was finally given up by the cardiologist, who found aneurism in my heart. I simply did not have tbe money to go to another country for treatment or help. While in this critical condition, a lay worker arrrived in my home and gave me a word of prophecy. He declared that God had healed me and asked me to get up from bed. I did not dare do this. My doctor-sister took me to a cardiologist and I was checked. This doctor confirmed the earlier doctor's diagnosis, but said that the heart was doing a good job with pumping blood, and asked me to go back to work after a short rest. This I did this and got back to teaching, and found I was restored. I did have another mild attack recently IN 2005, but I am enjoying enough health and am doing my home business. God is good indeed.