This web site exists to support the ministry of Wholeness, which is a printed newspaper delivered free of charge to anyone requesting a copy. Our mission is to present testimonies and articles related to the healing power of Jesus Christ in the world today.

The Wholeness Trust is administered by a non-denominational group of Christians in Hamilton, New Zealand.
The Editor, Michael Ferri, can be contacted at

Wholeness is published in association with the Order of St Luke in New Zealand.

Wholeness is supported by the Order of St Luke in Canada.

Please stay for a while and read some of the items on God's love and grace as demonstrated through His divine healing. Readers are invited to post suitable items under the headings of Notices, Prayer Requests and Testimonies. Any items posted may be edited by Wholeness staff, who will also remove postings after a suitable time. Wholeness also takes no responsibility for items posted by others, nor for the outcome of any response made to requests for assistance.

Please be encouraged to pray over the prayer requests that have been posted by others.

God bless you as you continue to seek wholeness in Him.